CVC Word Cards Phonics Activity for the Primary Classroom

Hello, fellow educators!

I’m back with another set of phonics and vocabulary center activities.  For this week’s activities, I chose four different ones each day, all of which were from the activity packets that I created..  The latest activity is a card game, called “CVC Girls Word Cards.”  The goal is for them to practice forming and reading words with CVC pattern.

This packet consists of the following:

  • activity directions
  • 42 word cards
  • 4 sets of vowel letters
  • answer key

CVC Girls Word Cards

The sample set of word cards is shown below:

CVC Girls Word Cards-set 1

CVC Girls Word Cards- Set 2

The packet includes an Answer Key, which the teacher can give to the leader of each group.  This is to make sure that students will know if the words they formed make sense or not.

CVC Girls Word Cards Answer Key

This is how I arranged my phonics and vocabulary center for this game:

CVC Girls Word Cards at the Phonics and Vocabulary Center

1st Graders playing the CVC Girls Word Card Game

 I realized that the letter cards were too small when I printed them, so I had to make some modifications.  I did not have a chance to laminate them (This is summer school, remember…), but I sure will when the new school year starts.

Here’s the link to my CVC Word Cards.  Please try this game in your class.  I’m sure your kids will love this, as mine did!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.28.02 PM

Vocabulary Center Sentence-Building Activities

Hello, everyone!  I suddenly, found the inspiration to create my sentence-building activities using some of the high-frequency words for my Vocabulary Center.  Of course, this is something that I love to share with you!

Vocabulary Center Sentence-Building Activities

One of the activities is called “Build a Sentence with Word Squares.”  I tried this with my 1st graders this Summer, so I know this is something they could do with some teacher support for those that are below-grade level.  As long as you give the directions clearly and you model an answer for them, they will be able to complete this task in collaboration with their group members.

Build a Sentence with Word Squares

The next activity is called “Connect the Strips.”  I created strips with group of words that they have to connect in order to build a sentence.  This will keep them a little busy because they have to cut the strips and then glue it in the boxes provided for the sentences.  Again, BGL kids might have difficulty building the sentences on their own, but with a little help from you and from their group members, they will be able to complete this task.

Connect the Strips and Build a Sentence

The last two activities, which I called “Pick a Stick and Rainbow-Write It” are inspired by the so many available activities on rainbow writing and using craft sticks to read and write sight words. There is one blog post in particular that I really love from  Click on the link to see how she uses craft sticks to teach dolch words.  What I did was combine these two strategies so that my kids could have double the fun with their sight words.

Pick a Stick and Rainbow-Write It-template 1

Pick a Stick and Rainbow-Write It-II

My 1st graders in the Vocabulary Center

(My 1st Graders at the Vocabulary Center)

My activity packet would not look as bright and colorful without the border graphic design by the3amteacher.  She has a lot of free graphics that are really helpful to newbies like me!

I hope that you find these activities useful for your vocabulary center.  You may download the entire packet here.  Please feel free to share this post and like it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.28.02 PM