Five Great Uses of Interactive Whiteboard Apps


     Step aside, Promethean, InterWrite, and Smart Board.   Teachers would certainly love to have you in their classrooms, but even without one they can still use the technology with almost similar functionality, now that interactive whiteboard apps are becoming more and more sophisticated.

     I think that interactive whiteboard apps are one of the best digital tools ever created. I am one of those teachers who are not lucky enough to have a Smart Board in my classroom, but after discovering these wonderful apps such as Educreations, ShowMe and Doceri, I think I will be okay without a Smart Board.

      Here are some of the great uses of an interactive whiteboard app:

  1. You can use it to reteach a lesson. If you have students that missed your previous lesson or needed to review it, you can use a corner of your room to set up a learning station with an iPad so that they can just click on it and watch your recorded lesson using the app.
  2. You can use it as an additional resource to help struggling students do their homework. For example, by explaining a Math problem with diagrams and step-by-step solution, completing a homework becomes a lot easier.
  3. You can make your lessons more visually appealing and engaging. Students love to use technology in the classroom. It will amaze them more to hear your voice on your recorded presentation and watch it as if you are teaching it live in the classroom.
  4. You can manage your time more efficiently in the classroom. As long as your presentation is made accessible to students, you spend less time re-teaching or explaining your lesson over and over again.
  5. You can share your lessons online. These interactive whiteboard apps allow you to do a voice-over recording of your lesson and insert images or diagrams, which can then be uploaded on the web and shared with your students, parents or colleagues. If you choose to make it public, you can share it with anyone!

     The more sophisticated app called Doceri allows you to connect your iPad wirelessly to a computer, which will then let you control the computer through your iPad. I will explain more about this amazing app in another blog.

     In the meantime, go ahead and check out these apps:  Educreations, Explain Everything, Screenchomp, ShowMe, Doceri.

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