Gearing Up for August with Back to School Activities

It’s almost back to school again.  I know that the first few days involves a lot of classroom organization, and since I am meeting my kids for the first time, I will have to make sure that they will start to get acquainted with me as their teacher, as well as with the classroom routines and procedures.  Creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom and keeping everyone engaged on Day 1 are incredibly important.  Making a good first impression also wouldn’t hurt.  So, I thought it would be nice to create a “Back to School” packet that my students will complete during the first few days of school.

Back To School Activity Packet for Grades 3 to 5

This packet includes a “Positive Behavior Four-Square Template” that will encourage kids to think about how they can be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

Positive Behavior Four-Square Template

It also has a “This Me” page where students can write something about what they like to do in school.  It will be nice to post this on the bulletin board during the first week of school.  My kids always love to see their work displayed in the room, and this is one way to acknowledge their hard work.

     This is Me Template

Finally, I created a template where students can contribute to making the classroom rules.  You can turn this into a fun game by letting students convince their classmates that their  rule should be included and get as many signatures as they can for 3 minutes.  The first three students whose papers have the most signatures win the game.

We Make the Rules Activity Sheet

It will also be helpful to provide a word bank on the board or on a chart paper to help struggling students and beginning to low-intermediate ESOL kids write their sentences.

Here is the link to the entire Back To School packet.  Please do not forget to like or share this post.  Advanced happy first week of school!

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