A Read-Aloud Book for Christmas: A New Improved Santa

A New Improved Santa Santa thinks he is becoming old-fashioned so he decides to “improve” himself by going on a diet, doing exercises, changing his hair color, and changing his suit in an effort to look stylish and become a trendsetter.  Much to his surprise, he finds himself rejected by the children who did not like his new look.

Children will surely be delighted by this book, and will have something to say whether they like Santa’s new look or not.  

This is a good book to read if you want your kids to do the following activities in class:

1.  COMPARE and CONTRAST the new Santa with the Old Santa.  

2.  Identify Santa’s Character Traits

3.  Write a letter to Santa.  You can find a number of Santa templates to use along with this book.  The links below, from eventstocelebrate.net and Sheila Melton via teacherspayteachers.com provide a number of templates for this activity.:

Letter to Santa writing template 1

Winter Holiday Activities Freebie

I hope you will have a chance to find this book in your library.  Your kids will surely enjoy this book!

Happy December!

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